Northland Village Church

A Church that Plants New Churches

Over the brief history of our church we have been faithful about starting new churches. The churches that we have helped to start have taken numerous shapes and forms that match the contexts in which they find themselves. For more on how we accomplish this important work, please continue reading.

Our Toolbelt

In the midst of our complex culture and all of the different niches and sub-niches that exist in our culture, we have found that developing partnerships with numerous different groups better equips everyone for starting new churches. Here are some examples of some of the friends that we have partnered with to start new churches.


Our work with Bridges helps us to equip bi-vocational church planters in their context.

Cyclical LA

Our work with Cyclical LA helps us to equip vocational church planters in their context.

1001 New Worshiping Communities

Our work with 1001 New Worshiping Communities helps us to begin a host of diverse church movements. 

Some of Our New Worshiping Communities

Please enjoy checking out some of the New Worshiping Communities that we have had the opportunity to partner in starting.

New Abbey - Pasadena

Oaklife Church - Oakland



Level Ground - Los Angeles

Gold Line Church -

Los Angeles (Highland Park)

Remix - N. Hollywood

The Beautiful Gate -

Los Angeles (Los Feliz)

Summer Paid Internships for Discerning Church Planting

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Are You Interested in Planting?

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