Now Accepting Beer Submissions for 2016!!!

NE Los Angeles Home Brew Competition

Los Angeles is finally becoming a hub for activity around making the best beer in the world. We understand that in order for the best beer to emerge in this city that we love, we will need to create space for up and coming brewers to showcase their artistry. With this in mind, we hope that you will join us in creating the second annual NE Los Angeles Home Brew Competition. Here are the details.


The cost for the first 10 submissions to enter the competition is FREE!!! Submitting will require sixteen 12oz bottles for the event (or a total of 192oz of beer). All styles of beer will be judged on the brewer's skill (no team's please) within the following categories: head, aroma, flavor, balance, carbonation, finish and "would we drink another". The competition will be judged by three local experts. There will be prizes given to two beers. Prizes will be $500 for Judges Prize and $500 for Fan Favorite. Beer must be submitted by April 1, 2016 at 5pm.

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Finish the application process by submitting your $25 by hitting the button below. Limit two submissions per individual. (3 Free Spots Remaining)

Application Fee

The Event

• April 7

• Location: The Northland Village Foundation (4520 Cutter St. Los Angeles, CA 90039)
• 7PM - 9PM
• Tickets for Purchase at the Door
• $10 ticket for a sheet of paper that includes four tastings (4oz)
• $15 ticket for for a sheet of paper that includes eight tastings (4oz)
• $20 ticket for for a sheet of paper that includes thirteen tastings (4oz)

Any extra money that comes in from this event will automatically be used to make the 3rd Annual NE Homebrew Competition even better!

2015 Winner

Bob English

Beer Description

I'm looking forward to submitting a RIS called Cerberus Russian Imperial Stout. It begins with a very large grain bill with a Maris Otter base and complex blend of specialty dark roasted barleys making up a quarter of the grains. Cerberus blends American hops for bittering with English aroma hops for a contrasting flavor and aroma profile. Fermented with American ale yeast, followed by champagne yeast to balance sweetness, Cerberus RIS finishes at 9.1% ABV with an SRM over 80 and an IBU in the low 60s - slightly dry hopped for a balance that is bold and complex, not too sweet, with a strong lasting finish.

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