Our Partnership With Harambee

Harambee Ministries is dedicated to the development of indigenous leadership through a holistic ministry that seeks to address both physical and spiritual needs by emphasizing community engagement, academic advancement, and spiritual formation to cultivate a thriving urban neighborhood in a sustainable project of biblical hope. Partnership with Harambee is essential to NVC's mission and we hope that you will consider jumping in!


Read to Students
Bring a favorite children's book or the teacher can provide one.
Schedule: 30 minutes. Certain Mondays at 10:45am (3rd & 4th grades) or 12:50pm (1st & 2nd grades). Sign up for 5/22.
Commitment: Once or as many times as you like.

Playground Supervision
Watch and play with the kids on the playground during lunch. 
Schedule: 45 minutes. Daily at 12pm, except Weds at 12:15pm. They especially want help on Fridays.
Commitment: Once a week is ideal to get to know the kids and the playground rules.

After School Program
Help with homework or playground supervision.
Schedule: Mon-Thurs 3:30-4:15pm (homework help). Mon/Tue/Fri 4:15-6pm (playground supervision) 
Commitment: Consistency is important to build rapport with the kids. This can mean twice a month, once a week, or more frequently.

Teacher's Assistant
They particularly need help with the gardening classes.
Schedule: Varies. Gardening classes are Thursdays 8-9:15am
Commitment: Consistency is important, but the frequency can be discussed with Harambee.


Development and Marketing
Creatively help Harambee with local marketing and fundraising. 
Schedule: Quarterly meetings with action that follows.
Commitment: Attend four meetings and act from the decisions made at the meetings.


One Timer
There are many opportunities that emerge throughout the year. Jump in when you can.
Schedule: Pop up opportunities.
Commitment: When the chance to participate appears for a one time event, we will call on you.

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