14.September.2014, #261

There's a new Presbyterian hymnal, and I'm grateful that Elder Carol picked up a copy for me a few months ago.  It's mostly typical fare - How Great Thou Art and A Mighty Fortress and etc., but apparently they decided to incorporate some edgy stuff as well, including a song called In an Age of Twisted Values (here's a link to the hymnary.org page for a modicum of info).  The music isn't my style at all, and it's very bombastic, so I rewrote it to be simpler and more meditative, hopefully allowing us to consider the lyrics a bit more than otherwise.  Also fun fact, it's in the same meter as Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus, so their verses & music are interchangeable.

In an age of twisted values
We have lost the truth we need
In sophisticated language
We have justified our greed
By our struggle for possessions
We have robbed the poor and weak
Hear our cry and heal our nation
Your forgiveness, Lord, we seek

We have built discrimination
On our prejudice and fear
Hatred swiftly turns to cruelty
If we hold resentments dear
For communities divided
By the walls of class and race
Hear our cry and heal our nation
Show us, Lord, your love and grace

When our families are broken
When our homes are full of strife
When our children are bewildered
When they lose their way in life
When we fail to give the ag-ed
All the care we know they need
Hear our cry and heal our nation
Help us show more love, we plead

We who hear your word so often
Choose so rarely to obey
Turn us from our willful wandering
Give us truth to light our way
In the power of your Spirit
Come to cleanse us, make us new
Hear our cry and heal our nation
Til our nation honors you
Posted on October 17, 2014 .