7.September.2014, #260

Here's an example of a good idea that didn't quite play out.

We played Called As Partners in Christ's Service, which I found a while back in the New Century Hymnal from the UCC.  It's the same meter as every other hymn, er, I mean, a lot of other hymns, such as Love Divine, All Loves Excelling and In an Age of Twisted Values.  We played it to the tune of Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus, and I figured that because the song talks about lofty ideals for how we'll treat each other in the church it'd be appropriate to express some doubt about achieving those goals.  So we played a verse of Called As Partners followed by a chorus of Doubting Thomas from Nickel Creek, except to keep the flow going we had to change their song to 6/8, which made the phrasing ridiculously long.  So it worked, but not real well.

Here is Called As Partners.  So you can imagine it with "But I'm a doubting Thomas, I can't keep my promises, because I don't know what's safe, O me of little faith" as a tag, and you probably think yeah that would be cool, but then it just isn't that cool.

Called as partners in Christ’s service, Called to ministries of grace

We respond with deep commitment, Fresh new lines of faith to trace

May we learn the art of sharing, Side by side and friend with friend

Equal partners in our caring, To fulfill God’s chosen end

But I'm a doubting Thomas...

Christ’s example, Christ’s inspiring, Christ’s clear call to work and worth

Let us follow, never falt’ring, Reconciling folk on earth

Men and women, richer, poorer, All God’s people, young and old

Blending human skills together, Gracious gifts from God unfold

But I'm a doubting Thomas...

We kept the music going, meandered down from C to G in order to be ready for Neil Young, while someone read aloud this reflection from Chrysostom (347-407, Turkish theologian):

Do you wish to honor the body of Christ? Do not despise him when he is naked. Do not honor him here in the building with silks, only to neglect him outside, when he is suffering from cold and nakedness. For he who said, ‘This is my Body,’ is the same who said, ‘You saw me, a hungry man, and you did not give me to eat.’ Of what use is it to load the table of Christ? Feed the hungry and then come and decorate the table. You are making a golden chalice and you do not give a cup of cold water? The temple of your afflicted brother’s body is more precious than this temple (the church). The Body of Christ becomes for you an altar. It is more holy than the altar of stone on which you celebrate the holy sacrifice. You are able to contemplate this altar everywhere, in the street and in the open squares.

Then we played When God Made Me, minus the bridge so as not to be too controversial (we'll get there someday, just not today), plus the chorus of The Same Love by Paul Baloche.

I have no idea what the first part is but it rocks

Posted on October 17, 2014 .