15.June.2014, #248, World Cup day 4

We started with Baptize Me in the River (new to NVC), continued with Come Ye Sinners and the elongated chorus to Savior King.  And before we finished with a short rendition of Sanctuary we had this corporate reading adapted from Edward Hays (know nothing about him other than that he has his own website here):

We are thankful for Your Son, Your Sacred Word, who calls us daily to a new kingdom and to a new covenant. May our hearts be ever-changing, ever in growth, as we journey to you, our Mysterious Source, You who are forever fresh and new yet forever the same. Amen.

Later, we paired Kingdom and a King with Lead On, O King Eternal, and in keeping with the kingdom theme we read this prayer as a group, courtesy of William Law (English priest, 1686-1761):

Grant us, Lord Jesus, to desire to have you as our Savior;
that you will change and alter all that is within us,
as you helped the blind to see and the lame to walk;
that your character may be formed in our hearts:
your humility and self-denial,
your love of God the Father,
the desire of doing his will and seeking only his honor;
so that the kingdom of God may be in us now,
and our possession for ever.

And we closed with Sufjan's version of Holy Holy Holy

Come Ye Sinners

Baptize Me in the River

Cool version, though we always do the regular one

Saviour King

Kingdom and a King

This is a great song, but the bridge right before the 2nd chorus is superfluous, I always skip it for brevity and so as not to confuse anyone.

Holy Holy Holy

This version is fantastic. I always change the end of each stanza to better reflect the common melody. And I usually keep the more traditional 4 stanzas. But I hold fast to the meter and the vibe, which are what sets it apart.

Posted on September 16, 2014 .