27.July.2014, #254

Today is the birthday of Alexandre Dumas, who once wrote: "All human wisdom is contained in these two words - Wait and Hope".

We mashed together The Rock Won't Move with the chorus of Love, Love, Love from the band Of Monsters and Men.  My thought on The Rock Won't Move is that the key line is "...holding fast to the promise of your truth, that you are holding tighter still to me", or, to paraphrase, there's a give & take but we also recognize prevenient grace.  So I like adding the chorus of Love, Love, Love which goes: "You love, love, love...when you know I can't love you."

We finished with God With Us, mostly because it worked in the same key (F) and also because it further emphasizes our small-ish contribution to the relationship between us and God (e.g. "Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary...").

God With Us by MercyMe

The Rock Won't Move by Vertical Church Band

Love, Love, Love by Of Monsters and Men

Posted on September 26, 2014 .