10.August.2014, #256

I knew we'd have a couple of great singers today so I opted to get a little uncivilized...

We started with Like an Avalanche in C, pretty much as is.

I'm always impressed with how worshipful and badass these Hillsong peeps look

Winding down that song we went right into some more Of Monsters and Men, this time the song "Sloom".  I've done this before at NVC, I think I first tried it on Trinity Sunday a couple years ago: you take the lyrics of the chorus - "So love me, mother / and love me, father / and love my sister as well" - and change them to reflect the Trinity - "We love you, Father / we love you, Jesus / we love you, Spirit / as well".  I suppose you could keep the you-to-me scheme of the original (i.e. "You love us, Father"), but in this case I wanted to focus specifically on our praise (hence starting off with "Nothing compares to this love, love, love burning in my heart") so I changed it to me-to-you.

This is where it got complicated...

BTW I realize they're still riding the most-epic-since-Moby wave of song placements in film/TV but they really should put out something new

For the second time through, two people kept up the harmony/lead of "We love you, Father..." while the third started singing verse3 of "All Creatures of Our God and King" - "Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son..."

Then the third person switched to an echo of the "All Creatures" line for the third time through.

And then we culminated in a 3-part harmony on that same section of "All Creatures".  Here's the sketch:

It worked out in theory much better than it did in practice. I mean, ultimately it sounded cool and textured, but also not a little cluttered, and I'm not sure the congregation had the slightest idea where to go with it.

We finished with 2 keys of "10,000 Reasons", the first one in C to fit everything that had just happened, and the second in G to get back to where people feel comfortable and end with more of a bang.

We concluded by reading together a nice prayer (modified, as usual) from this gent named Richard Harries:


you are the deepest wisdom,

the deepest truth,

the deepest love,

within us.

Lead us in your way.

Posted on September 29, 2014 .