28.December.2014, #276

I wanted to get at looking backward and forward in one fell swoop, so we: sang Auld Lang Syne ("times long past"), read part of a prayer, then sang God of This City, read the rest of the prayer, then sang Step By Step.

How holy and wonderful are you, O God of Mercy and Justice. From the beginning, your excessive love created the universe and fashioned us in your own image and likeness. When sin scarred the beauty of your handiwork and ingratitude weakened the pulse of history, you did not give up on us. Rather, in Jesus of Nazareth, you worked the marvel of a new creation, giving us life in abundance.
In an outpouring of service, Jesus entered into the chaos of pain and suffering and became the first disciple of his own discipleship. He emptied himself as the servant of creation and boldly proclaimed to all who would receive him, and more humane and graceful culture and society. His death and resurrection promised a future to his mission.
Your incredible energy of creation is still active among us in the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus left as a gift to his church. In this Spirit, you have inspired us to publicly illustrate our commitment to the work of Christ’s mission. In this Spirit, we are honored to be called his disciples, extending your creative love to the end of time.
May we be worthy of being your ambassadors of life to others, sharing the discipleship of Christ as our greatest praise, and serving the works of justice and mercy as our greatest thanks.
— Richard Fragomeni
Posted on January 23, 2015 .