8.February.2015, #282

Our text was Luke 11.37-54, and our focus was (at least reportedly going to be) on justice, the fact that the Pharisees neglect it and Jesus calls them out.  I mentioned the Johnny Cash song, and Rodrigo insisted that we play it; so I put that together with If I Had a Hammer and finished with some different lyrics to the Doxology.  Incidentally, the Pete Seeger version of this song is completely different from the one I know, even though he wrote it.  I'm sticking with Peter/Paul/Mary, they rock, and they do it effortlessly.

Here are the Doxology lyrics, from a song called Live Into Hope, which I found in the new Presby hymnal.  They work with a bunch of different tunes, including O Come O Come Emmanuel, and Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates, and On Christ, the Solid Rock, I Stand.

Live into hope of captives freed
Of sight regained, the end of greed
Th’ oppressed shall be the first to see
The year of God’s own jubilee

Live into hope, the blind shall see
With insight and with clarity
Removing shades of pride and fear
A vision of our God brought near

Live into hope of liberty
The right to speak, the right to be
The right to have one’s daily bread
To hear God’s word and thus be fed

Live into hope of captives freed
From chains of fear or want or greed
God now proclaims our full release
To faith and hope and joy and peace
— Jane Parker Huber (1976) - never heard of her but good job on these words kthxbye
Posted on February 25, 2015 .