3.May.2015, #294

The day's theme was finding ourselves in in-between places (it was sufficiently explained in the sermon, I'm not gonna attempt it here) so I decided to do some in-between worship.  This is stuff I've been wrestling with a lot lately, so if I come off as glib it's only because I like pushing people's buttons.  We started with Big Yellow Taxi, both as a "non-worship" song and in honor of Joni and her current troubles, then did the end of This Low as a "sorta-worship" song, and then finished with Lord of Lords and God Our Mother.  It worked to keep them all flowing in 6, and even though Big Yellow Taxi got a bit jumbled its choruses were great.

Might God be speaking, or at least be able to speak, through this "non-worship" song?  Is that perhaps a false dichotomy?  In any case, we followed it with this prayer from some guy named Edmund Banyard, which I like because of its use of the word "Word"...what might that word be?  Is it only Scripture?  Is it only Jesus?  Could it include Mr. Banyard's offering?  Could it include Joni?

Break down, Lord, the screens of pretense and evasion behind which we hide. We want to hear the Word you speak to us. You are God. Bring us back to yourself, the only source of our life and hope.

Followed the prayer with this song from The Swell Season.  Here are the closing lyrics:

Thread the light
Thread the light
Thread the light
Thread the light

Shine the light
Don’t hide the light
Live the light
And give the light

Seek the light
And speak the light
Crave the light
And brave the light

Stare the light
And share the light
Show the light
And know the light

Raise the light
And praise the light
Thread the light
And spread the light

And after that song - again, music's been going the whole time - we read this prayer as a congregation.

Come, our Light, and illumine our darkness.
Come, our Life, and raise us from death.
Come, our Physician, and heal our wounds.
Come, Flame of Divine Love, and burn up our sins.
Come, our King, sit upon the throne of our hearts and reign there.
For you alone are my King and my Lord.
— Dimitry of Rostov (Ukrainian saint, 1651-1709)

Following the prayer we did a smidge of Lord of Lords, just the bridge and the closing chorus.  I figured we might as well name "the light" as Christ, seems fitting enough, and the lyrics for the bridge are: "Holy Lord, you are holy / Jesus Christ is the Lord".  Followed this with the full version of God Our Mother, again keeping the music moving throughout all the readings.

Posted on May 10, 2015 .