5.April.2015, #290

We sang a song for reflection called Avila by Wailin' Jennys.  Afterward we read a prayer from Michael Ramsey (slightly edited).

What is our hope concerning this world in which we are now living? Certainly Christ encourages us to have hope concerning it.  We are to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come on earth’, and so to hope that God’s rule may become apparent in the world everywhere.

Thus we hope:

to see races free from injustice to one another, for racial strife is a denial of the divine image in man;

to see nations so using the earth’s resources and economic structures that all may have enough to eat, instead of some being affluent while others starve;

to see war, and the possibility of war, banished;

to see family life everywhere secure and stable, happy and unselfish;

to see honesty and compassion prevail;

to see these things happen as part of a deep reconciliation between humanity and God through Jesus Christ.  We hope to see people brought everywhere into fellowship with God through Christ.  In all this we hold in one our hope about God’s activity and our own agency; that God might use even us to bring about his kingdom.

Posted on May 10, 2015 .