12.July.2015, #304

Our text today was Acts 10:34-48, where the Spirit further widens its reach.  The theme was: limiting our expectations on God serves to make God more manageable in our lives.  We also continued our over and above focus on race.  The two themes were loosely connected by the sermon and the words of institution, but mostly I focused on the latter.  Which made for a bunch of fun mashup songs.

Part 1:

Yahweh by U2.  I swapped the chorus for the chorus of Like an Avalanche, the idea being that as God changes us, redeems us, works on us, God does so in an entirely grace-filled manner.  At the end we sang just the middle section of Give Us Clean Hands, the part that says “Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts, let us not lift our souls to another.”

Part 2:

Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan, which I ended (again) with Give Us Clean Hands.  This came after a dance that included, among many other things, a long (and partial) list of the recent victims of violence against African-Americans.  What other response could there be besides Dylan’s rhetorical questions?  This is a case in which the “secular” utterly outdoes the “sacred”.

Part 3:

Elvis Costello’s Peace Love Understanding, which I think was written by Nick Lowe but I’m too lazy to check at the moment.  Following each of the choruses I mixed in the chorus from the still-yet-to-be-decently-recorded version of Lord, Make Us Instruments of Your Peace.  And, of course, ended it with that smidge of Give Us Clean Hands.  Followed by a big old prayer from someone named Barbara Blossom.

Posted on July 13, 2015 .